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Rules, Terms And Conditions For Annual Scientific Meetings And Conferences Conditional Registrations


Please note that the conditional delegate’s registration processing fee is made following the rules for annual scientific meetings and conferences, which can be obtained via -   as follows:


  1. Please note that all our Annual Scientific Meetings and Conferences are highly accredited events with high credit points in Continuous Medical Education (CME) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) credit hours due to the fact that they are interactive and all the delegates are required to participate in the proceedings.  This leads to the issue of CPD and CME credit hours and points of between 24 and 84 credits hours depending on delegates’ attendance and participations in the various sessions and workshops.  This means that the number of delegates that can participate in the proceedings and conference are indeed limited to smaller number in order to facilitate the instructiveness of the event process and participation for all delegates.  This then requires participation of international audience to attend and participate fully.  Hence the event must comply with all the objectives set out for the accreditation. 


  1. If any of them cannot be reached by the event date, for example international participants being delayed due to visa issues etc., the date of the event must be moved to another similar conference.  In some cases the candidates’ registrations will be moved to other nearer similar conference. 


  1. Candidates registering late will be taken on conditional registration in case anyone cancels and they can be registered to attend.  Otherwise the candidate will be a conditional registered delegate and the conference pack and workshop details will be sent to them with a registration certificate as conditional delegate registered on the conference, as required by the rules of the accreditation of the event by the Professional Body.


  1. When candidates resolve their visa or other issues, the event will be reinstated due to the fact that arrangements are ready in place for it to run and accreditations have already been obtained for the conference.  All registered candidates will be informed and programme of proceedings will be sent to the candidates to attend and participate in the events.  Therefore candidates must make allowances for this process in case.


  1. Please note that no refund will be paid or processed before the date of the conference or meeting due to the fact that the correct report with regards to the reviews of the attendance register and participation must be done and reports approved by the Events Organising Committee before any refund will be made.  This is also important as delegates employers may seek confirmation about the delegates participation in the events, as time off work was given due to the fact that candidates said that they were going to the event and will participate in it.  This is very important in order to maintain the integrity of the events and the rules of the accreditation for the issuance of certificates of attendance and CME and CPD credit hours points.


  1. Therefore all refunds requests are processed after the conference due to the reasons stated in point 5 above, and following the refund processing timescale of between 60 to 90 days after the event in order to allow the processes involve to complete properly as legal and accurate accounting and reports are required.
  2. Individual Conference Packs for each registered delegates comprising books on each topic, Conference Book of Proceedings, materials for the various sessions and workshops, and other conference information are printed in time,  once the delegate is registered for the event , and no request for refunds will be processed for any delegate once his/her pack has been printed, as it costs about £800 to produce each conference pack, even more than the delegate fee paid by each participant ad registered delegate.  This is because as a charitable intent organisation that promotes patient care and education, our Committee subsidises the production of the packs with the difference in the conference registration fees paid by delegates.  Registered Delegates who cannot attend the event with a valid reason with evidence of such reason will be sent the conference pack by post. 
  3. For late payment of the registration fee for a conditional registration in case there is a cancellation when the event is full, there are certain processes that apply:


8.1.  If there is a cancellation, the candidate will be registered to attend and participate in person in the proceedings of the conference.


8.2. If there is no cancellation and no space available, the candidate will be sent the conference pack by post and the registration certificate by Email and by post.  The candidate will be sent conditional registration conference attendance certificate.  They will also be required to undertake the exercises in the workshops so that they can be given the CME and CPD credit points relating to the topics done.


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Approved by the Events Committee Members on 3 January 2017 and Signed on their behalves by:


Dr Anna Kennedy

Chair of the IAHCP Events Committee




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