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Association of Health Care Professionals (AHCP)

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Association of Health Care Professionals Limited
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In addition to AHCP History, By Laws and Operational Document of the AHCP, the Association has a range of operational projects for its members and the community in promoting excellence in patient care and education as follows:

  • Regional Groups
  • Special Projects

The IAHCP Operational Activities



The AHCP operations and activities are undertaken in various countries, where the Council and committee members and partners are based.   Since 19533, the operations of the IAHCP activities are governed by its By Laws and Policies.  The details of the IAHCP History, By Laws, Policies and Information on the operations of the IAHCP can be found by clicking on the correct icon on the top menu on left hand side this page.




IAHCP Regional Groups




Association of Health Care Professionals (AHCP) consists of Regional Groups with competent, committed and experienced Volunteers and Staff facilitated by Trustees/Directors, General Council and Committee Members as stated below:




Dr Mona Sabatini

Dr Andrew Obi

Dr Felix Mason

Dr. Elisaveta Nencheva

Dr. Sadaf Naveed

Dr. Shelly Peters

Ms Radoslava Nencheva





Professor William Jackson, Canada

Professor Hans Eriksson, Sweden

Dr Monika Lapez, Colombia

Dr William Fellows, UK

Dr Angel Brosovic, Serbia

Dr Jerome Farrell, Australia

Dr Wendy Marlow, UK

Professor Alisa Schwarz, Germany

Dr Marin Jenkins, UK

Dr Carol Wellesley, Zambia

Professor Sanjay Patel, India

Professor Wang Li, China

Dr Fernando Ribero, Brazil





Dr Magdalena Pilkova, Slovakia

Dr Evelena Sabatini, Argentina

Professor James Martinez, Peru  

Dr James Hughes, UK

Dr Felix Wambugi, Kenya

Professor Jeremy Fenton, South Africa    

Dr Marie Predeaux, France

Dr Martina Wallace, UK 

Dr Alias Fawcett, New Zealand

Professor Veronica Abbott, USA





 As an international not for profit organisation established since 1957, the IAHCP has Regional Groups and offices globally in the different continents of the World thus:

  • Australia and Newzeland
  • Central and Southern Africa
  • Central and Southern Africa
  • East and West Africa
  • Europe
  • North Africa, Middle East and Asia
  • North America and Canada
  • South and Central America

For contact details of specific region, please contact






The AHCP has many special projects in all aspects medicine and healthcare.  Details of the individual projects can be found on the left hand side menu.  Please click on each link in order to find out the details of the various projects and activities of the different team members.



For more information, please contact us at:   We look forward to your enquiry!




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Association of Health Care Professionals (AHCP)


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