Welcome to Association of Health Care Professionals (AHCP), where modern information and innovations in healthcare and qualified specialists, members and  staff await you. On the following pages, you can get to know our services.  

Membership Services


Our Membership comprises of multiprofessional healthcare workforce of doctors, nurses, and all healthcare professionals and students.  Learn more about the Membership benefits and services.

Medical Conferences


The AHCP has been successfully organising and running of many international Medical Conferences over the past 63 years.  Topics cover all aspects of Medicine and healthcare issues.  Learn more about our current conferences.

Education Services


 The AHCP offers all levels of education and courses through various colleges and academies, as parts of its membership services.  In addition, the AHCP offers medical and dental schools students recruitment and services for people who want to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other healthcare courses.  .   Please learn more.

Medical Services


 The AHCP has been offering medical services and advice, as part of its membership services.  These comprise of primary care, general medical services, general surgical services, specialists medical advice in all parts of medicine and surgery, including social medicine, public health and global health.  Please learn more.

AHCP Personnel Services


Important Notices


AHCP Publications Services


Learn more about the various succesful AHCP publications here.


As the AHCP’s objective is promoting excellence and high quality in Medical Practice, education, research and innovations, it publishes many books, journals and guides in all matters affecting healthcare and education. 


The AHCP publications include:


  • Medical Journals
  • Surgical Journals
  • Books on Medicine, Surgery and Healthcare Matters
  • Guides on the Management of various Healthcare and Medical Problems
  • Healthcare Magazines
  • Operational Documents of the AHCP
  • Courses Handbooks
  • Conferences Books of Proceedings


Please visit the Publications Services Home Page at:    https://www.ahcp.org.uk/ahcp-publications-services/  for more details.


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